Private Label

Make use of a business opportunity.

WIK has its roots in personal care, beverage systems, kitchen appliances, and power tools and provides Off-The-Shelf product options for many customers who desire to private-label. By leveraging our experience and designs, customers can reduce cost and minimize time to market.

  • Make use of the many years of experience in the OEM electrical appliance business sector
  • Trust on more than 50 years’ experience in value engineering, mass production and after sales service
  • Expand your home appliance brand portfolio managed by WIK without resource constraints

Beverage Systems

Espresso Maker

Fully Automated Coffee Machine

Beverage System

Water Dispenser

Kitchen Appliances


Breakfast Cube

Blender / Smoothie Maker


Personal Care


Style and Curl


Foot Bath

Power Tools


Heat Gun

Heat Gun

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