Product & Product Life Cycle Management

Think next-generation while learning.

In a well-integrated Product Lifecycle Process, important learnings from current projects and manufacturing itself provide insights that benefit future generation products. At WIK, there is a strong interaction between project managers and product managers to ensure we capture these learnings. The New Concepts Consulting services provide market expertise to the Product Management function.

Product / Product Lifecycle Management details

  • Portfolio Management
  • Proactive innovation and product relaunch service
  • Linkage to the After Sales and New Concept Service Divisions
  • Link between new technologies and market possibilities with the customer portfolio
  • Continuous IP monitoring and protection
  • Supporting 8D reports and FMEA tools
  • User manual support / optimization
  • Use of state-of-the art PLM tools
  • CI process in place
  • Rapid improvement capability by means of a close cooperation between project management, after sales service and product management for short-term optimization and next generation product designs
  • Attitude of a long-term partner; next generation thinking
  • Protected customer’s interest through continuous IP management
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