After Sales Service

Recognizing, Fixing and Processing.

WIK After Sales Service team monitors any user’s hotline call or e-mail regarding any return or repair situation which may be harmful to our customers’ brand reputation. These consumer complaints will be shared with and reviewed by product development and production management. This may include regular scanning and analysis of product reviews in market places such as Amazon.

After Sales Services include

  • Existing customers service programs (e.g. repair, hotline service) or a complete end-to-end service by WIK
  • Feedback of critical learnings to development, industrial engineering and manufacturing departments based on analysis and traceability
  • Close exchange with product life cycle management/product management
  • User manual optimization
  • Logistics services
  • Focused on customers’ reputation
  • End-user orientated spare parts, efficient hotline and repair service
  • Implementation of learnings in product life cycle process
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