Flexible + Adaptable + Global

We are flexible in our range of services and can easily adapt to our global customers organizational structures, even if complex. There are situations where only one or all services are needed. We strictly follow the directives of the customer’s. This aligns with our mission to Leverage Synergies to Create Values for our customers and beyond.

Comprehending and Conceptualizing
This WIK Concept Service is used to kick-off new product ideas. Whatever is required to consider and leads to proof-of-concept is part of this service. This adaptive team environment allows customers to achieve their specific needs and to create/evaluate his specific new concepts.  
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Think next-generation while learning
In a well-integrated Product Lifecycle Process, important learnings from current projects and manufacturing itself provide insights that benefit future generation products. At WIK, there is a strong interaction between project managers and product managers to ensure we capture these learnings. >Read more

Creating and Preparing
Our Product Development Services are available for released concept designs. These include the early involvement of team members of industrialization, manufacturing and purchasing. Besides having highly skilled people, the structure and alignment of all involved...  
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Organizing and Resolving 
Industrialization has a strong impact on investment and future quality costs. Customers making use of this service would combine it with WIK’s manufacturing expertise as a logical next step. WIK creates a comprehensive plan to support a cost effective investment decision based on... 
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Realizing and Optimizing
Zero failure, on-time delivery and continuous cost improvement are the main targets of our Manufacturing Service Division. Based on the production concept, our manufacturing team and industrialization experts create the optimal production process, test it and ramp-up production. 
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Recognizing, Fixing and Processing
WIK After Sales Service team monitors any user’s hotline call or e-mail regarding any return or repair situation which may be harmful to our customers’ brand reputation. These consumer complaints will be shared with and reviewed by product development and... 
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