A team that creates values & long term partnerships

WIK was founded in the early 50s and is a privately held German contract designer and manufacturer (ODM/OEM/CM) for electrical appliances/devices. Since then, we have created and developed hundreds of system solutions and produced millions of products. Thanks to our staff of 6,000 people including 350 engineers we have transformed into a global, full-service development and manufacturing partner to many leading international brands.

We believe that corporate challenges can only be managed by leveraging synergies between capable people and financially solid partners, driven by responsible sustainable change and innovation. We focus our resources on personnel development and process excellence based on a value-creating company culture.

Innovation culture & history
WIK's capability to network with innovative communities and technology leaders is essential in order to support the future challenges of our customers. Providing the next level of differentiation in our customer's success model in a fast- changing world can only be accomplished by ... 
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Project & Process Excellence
The path to a long-term partnership begins with meeting our customers’ expectations on a consistent basis. In order to provide the expected values to our customers, we do not compromise on efficiency in the project execution phase. As a company, we pursue excellence in both project and process ...
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Corporate Responsibility
The question of how to innovate, develop and build commercial products under sustainable principles has no quick answer or solution. WIK takes responsibility as a designing and manufacturing company to protect the world for future generations while considering cost pressure constraints.
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WIK recognizes that people are its most important resource and offers interesting tasks and opportunities for career advancement. The company assigns a high priority to employee motivation; this is the basis for the healthy working atmosphere at WIK. 
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Management Team
The WIK group of companies is a family-owned enterprise managed by its Board of Directors. Klaus D?rn, Chairman of the Board, is supported by the CEO Christoph D?rn. Together, they form the Advisory Board and are responsible for developing WIK's Missions/Visions, ... 
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To meet our global customer’s requirements for innovation in an highly competitive  market we have added a new factory on in Prilep, North Macedonia to our facilities in Germany, Hongkong, China and on Batam in Indonesia which has further added to our geographical flexibility and competitiveness.
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WIK - ELEKTROGER?TE Entwicklungs- und Service-GmbH & Co. KG 
Schacht Neu-C?ln 12, 45355 Essen,  Germany
Phone:    +49  201 86 66 0        Fax:     +49 201 86 66 122
E-mail:     wik@wik-group.com
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